Tour Blog – 7

Hey Guys..

We are on our way to Berlin now for our last gig of our little European tour. So far we have been to Vienna, Cologne (where me and Egan had an absolute nightmare and got lost for 7 hours!!) and Hamburg with a lot of driving in-between!! To keep our selves entertained on the drives we have been getting into and finishing off a few series including Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones to name a few. All of them Unbelievable!!
Really looking forward to the gig tonight in The Crystal Club. Berlin is a really cool city and last year when we were here with The Script the crowd were amazing!!

In other news we have decided that Closer To You will be our next single in Ireland.

See yas soon!!

2 thoughts on “Tour Blog – 7

  1. Cannot wait for ur gig in the o2 in Dec my first time to see U guys and my first time to see my ‘crush’ Danny :). Delighted ‘closer to you’ will be released…epic song, love it….one of my many faves….well done lads ur doing Brill x

  2. Hey Guys,

    Great gig in Hamburg. Fantastic music and entertainment at there best.
    The CD is unbelievable. We wish you even more success in Germany.

    Best Wishes

    Michael and Catto

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