Tour Blog – 5

So our first proper UK tour is complete and its been an amazing couple of weeks. Last night in London’s Cargo venue was definitely a highlight. To have a sold out show in London is really something that we couldn’t even imagine a few months ago. But thanks to a lot of hard work from a lot of people (too many to mention, but ya’s know who ya’s are) it has happened and it’s a great starting point in our plans to take our music to as many people as possible.

Not all the gigs were packed of course (our smallest crowd was maybe around 70 people) but each show offered enough for us to continue to build on. A special mention has to go to Murray James and his band who supported us on tour, a great singer, songwriter and really cool guy. You will be hearing a lot more from him.

So that’s it, we’ve headlined a UK tour, Addicted to Progress is picking up some good reviews and some great regional airplay, and our album Closer to You is out on Monday, May 14th. Although we far from expect it to storm the charts (yet!), it’s a great feeling to get it out there in a new territory and see it grow. Bring on the European tour next Friday!

Love ya’s

4 thoughts on “Tour Blog – 5

  1. Your gig in Cargo was superb. Bought your album on iTunes straight after. The lead singer is super hot and your song “Mark My Words” is fantastic!!! Certainly coming to your next gig in London xxx

  2. The Cargo gig was amazing! Can’t wait to see ye in the O2 in December! An unbelievably nice group of lads! Xxx

  3. Fantastic Cargo gig to follow up The Borderline gig I went to the month before.

    Also great to meet Danny and his girlfriend and for them to take the time to chat to fans. Err Danny, it’s your round, I’ll call it in next gig!!

    Thoroughly enjoyed my night in Cargo and haven’t stopped listening to the new album.

    Only criticism is that you have 3 great albums and a lot of top songs were missed as gig finished at 10 :(

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