Tour Blog – 1

Hey all,
Feels like its been a while since we’ve been on tour properly so let me bring you up to date with the goings on over the last few weeks…
We’ve signed to a great indie UK label which has led to lots of press, promo and now a full UK tour; we’ve released Mark My Words (with a hottie starring in the video!); and we’ve announced a little gig in the O2 in December in Dublin!
It’s a really exciting time for us to be honest. Being an independent band in Ireland, we always released and promoted our own albums but now that we have a group of people who believe in us and are trying to make it happen for us in the UK, it feels like a new chapter is starting for us.
This tour is back to basics, small but cool venues (such as King Tuts tonight in Glasgow), and a hectic tour schedule (8 gigs in 10 days, over 1500 km travelled and lots of radio promo along the way) and I can’t wait.
First up is Glasgow and apparently it’s gonna be a full house. As I sit in a Starbucks writing this I flick through the free Metro magazine and come across this article about us. Think it’s gonna be a good couple of weeks…


3 thoughts on “Tour Blog – 1

  1. Lads
    I wish ye all the best,looks like the hard work is paying off, well deserved! Cant wait to see ye at the marquee in june!

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