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17 November 2015

Tour Blog – Dave – 16/11/2015


I’m just leaving Oxford and on the road home from our UK tour. What a time we had.. the gigs have been so good, each memorable in its own way. the ole oles in Liverpool, Birmingham and Nottingham, to Glasgow, Johnny’s heart shaped box, my tonsillitis, Danny dropping all our merch into a Sheffield sized puddle, meeting U2 in Glasgow (they were amazing ) then a few days later we were headlining a sold out Shepherd’s Bush in London! It was a week we’ll never forget.

The Shepherd’s Bush gig of course will never leave us for other reasons too: we heard of the Paris attacks 10 minutes after coming off stage and watching it unfold on the news throughout our ‘celebratory’ night was surreal. As the news spoke of a ‘coordinated, sophisticated attack’ it was the complete lack of sophistication that spoke to me as its defining characteristic: the nihilism of firing into crowds of innocent people , the everyday randomness of where these targets were situated, and the sure fact that this will get much worse before it gets better. F**k

So we continue our tour after Oxford to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai …. What a blessing to be able to travel and play music, meeting people we’ve never met before and finding all that common ground , or whatever we find ..we never forget how lucky we are that our passport allows us to travel and play music. I hope this continues. Having the opportunity to make new friends in so many different places is best thing about being in the coronas.

We’re almost back home now to rest for a week but I can’t wait to be back out again.

Thanks to everyone who came to the shows, it has been a complete success for us , we will see u again very soon.

Thanks for making this tour so much fun.