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10 November 2015

Tour Blog – Danny – 10/11/2015

Hey guys,

So to mark the launch of our new website we’ve decided to start up our tour blog again.
We’re just a week into our 6 week tour of the UK and Oz/Nz, and I can already tell everyone is loving being back on the road. It feels like ages since we’ve had a run of gigs like these, and the fact that we’re playing in some amazing new places is keeping morale even higher.

This first week has been eventful! We got to see U2 (and meet them!) on our day off in Glasgow, which was amazing. They made us feel so welcome and the show was unbelievable.

We had to evacuate our hotel in Liverpool at 5:30am due to a false fire alarm!

I tried to park our van for Johnny but crashed it! (thats twice I’ve driven it now and twice I’ve scraped it!).

But, most importantly, the shows have been amazing. It’s cool to see the crowds growing from the last tour and get such a warm welcome everywhere we go.

People ask us sometimes is it weird going back to playing smaller venues abroad when we’ve gotten used to playing bigger venues at home but to be honest we really don’t mind what size crowd are there to see us, as long as we make it a great gig. Sometimes the atmosphere at a gig for 300 people can be way better than a crowd of 3000.
The best thing for us though, is that playing tours like this makes us tighter as a band. We’re getting to travel and promote our new album, The Long Way, which we still feel is our best album to date and I think after this tour is over we’ll be ready to take some time in January to hopefully start work on some new material.

I still find it hard to believe that we’re 4 albums in, in a way we still consider ourselves a new band, but the important thing is that we all still completely love what we do, we all still feel very lucky to be able to call this thing our job and we all still agree I’m never allowed drive the van again!

(special mention to our crew Johnny, Terry and Daza for being great)