The Coronas

New single ‘Speak Up’ out 30 April.

The Coronas will release a brand new song ‘Speak Up’ on 30 April, ahead of a summer full of massive shows as they announce plans for a brand new album to be released this autumn.

Written in Dingle Co. Kerry, which is now a home away from home for the Dublin three-piece, ‘Speak Up’ is the first release from The Coronas since 2022’s chart-topping album Time Stopped. 

The song is an uplifting cry for help and guidance, a journey of lyrical positivity that builds from an intimate vocal to a huge chorus, bursting with instrumentation and harmony.  “I suppose this is exactly what growth is,” sings a reflective Danny O’Reilly, in a song that grows until it practically jumps out of the speakers. ‘Speak Up’ has already been going down a storm at the band’s live shows, leaving the group very excited to introduce it to the world.

It’s release heralds the start of a hectic summer for the multi-platinum selling band. They return to The Marquee in Cork, a venue where they have enjoyed some of their favourite shows, Fairview Park in Dublin, where they played to an incredible sold out crowd last summer, along with big shows in Galway and Limerick. All this in addition to two more US tours, leading to the release of the new album in the autumn. A packed schedule but one which the band are buzzing to get underway.

In a constantly changing music industry, the Coronas’ longevity is uniquely impressive and should be celebrated. Not only do their early hits such as ‘San Diego Song’, ‘Heroes or Ghosts’, and ‘Addicted to Progress’ give their shows a magical sense of nostalgia, they have continued to evolve and release successful new material over the last decade. Their last three albums have gone straight to number 1 in the Irish charts, while their live following has grown exponentially overseas, with recent sold out tours in the US, Canada and Australia a testament to their success.

“When we started the band, people were buying CDs, we were a word-of-mouth student band.” explains O’Reilly. “We persevered through the downloads phase, legal and illegal, the resurgence in vinyl, right up until the current iteration of the music industry, the streaming and TikTok-dances era. We’ve always ignored a lot of that trendy stuff and consider ourselves a live band first and foremost. For us it’s always been simple: we pride ourselves on releasing good songs and improving our live set, with every single show we do and album we release.”

This formula seems to have stood The Coronas in good stead. Renowned for being one of the best live acts in the country, the band have been headlining big shows and festivals in Ireland for almost 15 years, and their regular Christmas shows in The Olympia Theatre are the stuff of legend.

“We are proud of our longevity,” says O’Reilly. “We still feel like we’ve got something to say and we’re really excited to release the new album in the autumn. We feel like it’s our strongest album to date.”

  • Fri. 24 May​​ Live At The Marquee, Cork
  • Fri. 14 June ​​Min Ryan Park, Wexford
  • Sat. 15 June ​​Fairview Park, Dublin
  • Sat. 22 June ​​King John’s Castle, Limerick
  • Sat. 24 August​​ Galway Summer Sessions, Galway

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