Tour Blog – 8

Hey everyone, we’ve just arrived back in Ireland from what was a really successful first tour of Germany. The last gig was in crystal club in Berlin and was a fantastic night. It was so hot!! like playing in an actual oven! it’s good to be home to Ireland’s heat wave , i find it a little easier to handle! A great night tho and very memorable :)

thanks to everyone who came t see us over the last week. it was unforgettable in so many different ways. Whether it was knox and egan walking around cologne for 8 hours drunkenly lookin for the hotel, or watching 150 austrians singing all the words to someone elses hands, we wont forget this trip .

Spare a thought now for our long suffering manager Jim who is currently driving the van back to Dublin. I imagine he’s somewhere between hamburg and birmingham at the moment, or if he’s any sense still in hamburg soaking up the best of what the reeperbahn has to offer. God speed jim…

Love always and see u soon,


7 thoughts on “Tour Blog – 8

  1. M-m-m-my coronas!

    I am sorry to say that I have only discovered ye in the last few months.This is what happens when you leave the homeland.

    Living in Glasgow – I now tell basically everyone I meet about ye. Saw the gig at King Tuts, spent days thinking about it afterwards! By the way, you did well not to knock the phone out of the girl’s hand in the front row :)

    Best of luck guys, loving it!

    Alicia x

  2. hey guys my name is chris i was your shuttle driver back in saint louis missouri in the united states 2 years ago and was wondering if you guys are going to come back to the states anytime soon?

  3. Hello lads,

    I’m just wondering if you know who you’re support act is for the marquee? I’ll be comingfrom wexford and i want to make sure i don’t miss out on anything.


  4. Hey there Coronas

    a word of thanks for allowing us be part of an AMAZING gig in Paradiso, Amsterdam on Monday night….feel very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time…
    thanks guys…for the music, the atmosphere, the stories, the photos, the great memories.

    Ger….with thanks to mum Mary too for getting you there Dave :-)

  5. Hiya Lads,

    I havent had my Coronas fix since my hols home in November gone!!! RAGING im gonna miss your O2 gig :( When are you boys coming to oz?? WHEN you do make sure you play perth!!

    Love Love LOVE ye’s and hopefully i’ll be seeing ye’s soon :)

    Gill x <3 <3 <3

  6. sup lads,my names cian im currently starting aband in glengarrriff co. cork nd we play a few of your songs at the moment i have a tanglewood tw28 ce exotic version but im looking to buy the same guitar as the lead singer danny of the coronas. the guitar im looking for is the orange/golden one if u jno the one im on about :P thanks a million if u get achance to reply,plz my friend saw your gig in the marque cork and he sed it was absolutely stunning. thank you, cian

  7. Hi Lads,
    I am just back from Brighton and was at your gig in Komedia on Tuesday Night. Hand on Heart it was the Best Gig EVER! It made it better that there wasn’t a massive crowd, i actually felt like it was my own private concert! Thanks to Danny for coming out to meet the fans after, that picture is definitley a framer :-) Cant wait to see yas again, keep up the good work!

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