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0011+-+The+CoronasHey everybody,
We’ve just arrived in Perth for the last gig of our Australia tour. It’s been amazing so far and also extremely tiring! 4 gigs in 4 days in 4 corners of Australia should b some kind of Olympic event, I don’t think I’ve gone so long without a night’s sleep! We’ve all dealt with it slightly differently, I’ve complained every time somebody wakes me, while Egan and Knox had a slightly drunken arm wrestle to settle their differences… which descended into an actual wrestle…the video suggests Egan was the winner, but as Knox pointed out, in every frame of the video his beard looks fantastic, so I’m gonna give him the victory. Nobody has any regrets anyway!
The Sydney gig last night was so much fun and the Irish rugby match served as a great after party.  Fantastic match, but result was so disappointing. Danny in particular hasn’t stopped growling about it all day.  It finished at 5 am and our flight was at 7am. Today has been mostly a write off, but we’ll make up for that tomorrow with our first day off!  Oh sweet sweet sleep!
But not yet! Perth tonight and if it’s as good as Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney it’s gonna b amazing. Also, we just found out ‘mark my words’ got playlisted on Triple M radio and Perth 96fm! So don’t be afraid to help us out and get requesting!  Thanks so much to everybody who has come to the gigs so far, it literally means everything to us to be able to travel and play music as our job. We can’t thank u enough for making this possible!
So last day and then back into studio. I think our new album is definitely our best yet and can’t wait to share it with u all

Love and best wishes, tired and happy from Perth!

Dave xx

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