OZ Tour, new singles and more. . . . . .

Hey guys!
It’s been ages since we’ve done a blog so we’ve loads of news for ya’s.

I’m currently sitting in Federation Square in Melbourne, slightly jet lagged (I woke up at 5am this morning), drinking tea (I actually brought my own stash of Barry’s from home, no joke) and enjoying the early morning sun.

Fed Square Melbourne

My view of Fed Square Melbourne

Melbourne’s a beautiful city. Yesterday we arrived early and despite the rain, we went out to St Kilda for a few hours before enjoying a lovely dinner with some friends in an Irish bar and restaurant called the Quiet Man.

Anyway before I get in to the tour, I just want to mention our shows in December.  Thanks so much to all of yis who came to see us in Limerick, Cork, Killarney and to the two Olympia shows in Dublin.  We spent the second half of last year writing the new album, so it was so cool to get back gigging and we were sooo happy yis all put up with the new songs we played and liked them so much, it meant loads to us. After this Oz tour, we’re going straight back into the studio to finish off the album and we can’t wait. We’ve all the songs ready to go and working with Eliot James (producer) has been amazing.  I’ve said it before, but I really believe this is gonna be our best album yet.
Actually now is probably as good a time as any to let ya’s know the plan for the next few months and for the album. We’re gonna release a brand new single in May (and we’ll tell ya the title very soon), then we’re gonna have a busy summer playing gigs and festivals all over Ireland, the UK and the rest of Europe (especially excited about Galway Arts fest, the Marquee in Cork and our biggest ever outdoor headline show in the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, Dublin). (Has anyone else noticed I’m using a lot of brackets in this blog?!)
Aaanyway after our busy summer, we’re gonna release another single early September followed by the long awaited release of our brand new album!!!! We will let you know more details (exact dates, title, etc) when we nail them all down, but we wanted to keep yis in the loop of the general plan.
So that brings us back to the tour blog, it’s great to be back on the road touring, like we did when we started out – just the 4 of us, and Johnny of course (piano/techie), our sound engineer Gav and our new tour manager Mick (who’s an awful lovely fella). Jim (manager) is arriving today too to meet some important people about record company stuff and festivals and other important business music management stuff. We’re really excited because the gigs are all selling really well, and we’ll get to try out a couple of the new songs too.
Right, my pale Irish skin is starting to burn here so I better wrap this up. It’s off to the Hi-Fi in Melbourne tonight followed by Brisbane tomorrow, Sydney Saturday and Perth Sunday. All rounded off by a gig next week in Dubai! It’s gonna be a busy, tiring weekend but I’m not complaining, we’re so lucky to be here doing what we love.

Love ya’s all loads and loads

Dave and Egan (aka Conor) enjoying an extremely tall beer yesterday in St Kilda

Dave and Egan (aka Conor) enjoying an extremely tall beer yesterday in St Kilda

P.S. attached is my view of Fed Square and Dave and Egan (aka Conor) enjoying an extremely tall beer yesterday in St Kilda

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3 thoughts on “OZ Tour, new singles and more. . . . . .

  1. What I’d give to be in Aussie land… Weather here is unreal, brought the dog for a walk this morning and thought I was in the scene from Wizard of Oz! Roll on summer, will deffo be catching one or more of your gigs here.

  2. Ahh you guys hit up Abbey road in st.Kilda!! Brilliant :D the gig in melbourne hifi was amazing guys! Thanks for a brilliant night :D

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