Mark My Words

The Coronas - Mark My Words

Mark my Words, the second single from Closer to You is out now.

The video should be out on Friday so until then get requesting to your favorite radio stations or you can download it onĀ iTunes

Today FM – 083 4 100 102
2FM – 51552
FM104 – 53104
98FM – 53981
Spin 1038 – 085 711 1038
Phantom – 51052
Spin South West – 085 7102 103
Red FM – 083 3173336
iRadio 102-104 – 085 1021045

2 thoughts on “Mark My Words

  1. Wow! Only just heard of the Coronas, so listened to this song. Why couldn’t I have heard of them before???!!! :)

  2. I wish so much that you guys could come to the US! I want to see you in CONCERT. I get sad, :(. It sucks.
    You guys are my favorite band! Thank you for making awesome music; you freaking rock!

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